for industrial workers




About us

We’ve been producing protective clothing for staff at industrial facilities since 2010.

We’re a young and thrusting company whose output is selling well in five countries, with excellent feedback from all our customers.

That’s what stimulates us to carry on developing and improving our range of products.

We would be happy to find more new partners who would like to collaborate with us.

Our production

Our protective overalls are made to the highest quality standards, to fully protect wearers against chemical substances and industrial by-products. We offer you our TECRON Pro overalls — the best protection you can get for dirty conditions:

  • Two-way separating (double slider) zipper. Zipper with double sliders allows you to unfasten TECRON Pro coverall in two directions, upwards and downwards, making it even more practical.
  • Fitting sleeve cuffs. Elastic cuffs are stitched in the sleeves of TECRON Pro coverall which fit softly to the wrists without squeezing them and disturbing during the work process.
  • Protective strap for zipper. Zipper and slider are hidden in TECRON Pro coverall under a special strap which ensures protection of the zipper against paint and prevent its working surface from damage caused by the slider.
  • Hardwearing material. Using a high quality, microporous polypropylene with density of 65 gsm when manufacturing TECRON Pro coveralls guarantees their reliability and integrity.
  • Three-part Hood. TECRON Pro coverall has a comfortable three-part hood which lies well on the head and ensures a good head protection against paint and petrochemical substances.
  • Seams secured by PVC strap. Seams of TECRON Pro coverall are stitched by the PVC strap which gives additional strength to the seams and prevents penetration of aerosols or fluids through the seams.