Glasses TECRON™ Clean Vision N110

Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110
Goggles TECRON™ Clean Vision N110

Glasses TECRON™ Clean Vision N110

Model: TECRON™ Clean Vision N110

Modern lightweight universal glasses TECRON™ Clean Vision N110 with panoramic protective glass are designed to protect the eyes from the front, top and sides from mechanical impacts, abrasive, UV radiation, flying particles, drops, splashes of acids and alkalis.
The anti-fog lenses are coated against scratches on both sides of the lenses, the temples are made of two-piece polycarbonate and are adjustable in length and angle, there is a soft silicone pad on the bridge of the nose of the lenses, there are rubber inserts on the temples, the lenses have side protection against particles, wind and dust, for special account form. Optical class #1.

  • Features and Benefits

    Increased panoramic view and side protection

    Increased coverage of the worker's eyes, thanks to the special shape of the monolens, which has optimal ergonomics and a wonderful panoramic view.

    Padded bridge, padded temples

    Comfortable, non-slip padded inserts prevent pressure points on sensitive areas of the face and head and provide extra comfort for extended use.

    Anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV protection

    Innovative, unique lens coating technology protects against both sides of fogging and scratches, chemicals, particulate matter and UV radiation. The anti-fogging properties are permanent, even after repeated cleaning. Resistant to surface destruction by fine aerosols. Thanks to nanotechnology, water and oil contaminants are easily removed.

    Comfortable geometry and temple flexibility

    Two-component temple technology - a smooth transition from hard plastic to soft. The earpiece bends and stretches in all directions. The geometry of the flexible arms allows it to be used in conjunction with other PPE (overalls, respirators, earmuffs, safety helmets).

    Регулировка очков

    Adjusting the angle and length of the temples allows you to adapt glasses to any type of face.

    Optical class #1

    Polycarbonate lenses have an optical class No. 1, do not distort and allow you to wear glasses for a long time.

  • Areas of use
    • Engineering and laboratory work
    • Assembly and maintenance of industrial equipment
    • Grinding, turning, drilling, milling, casting work
    • Agriculture
    • Road construction, asphalt work
    • machine operator / machine operator
    • Installation, dismantling, demolition, painting, pasting
    • Works related to cold working of plastics, metals, wood, stone and other materials.
  • Compliance
    • The glasses meet the standards:
    • TR CU 019-2011
    • EN 166 certification (personal eye protection)
    • Certification EN 170 (UV filters)

    TECRON Clean Vision N110 protective glasses prevent penetration of UV radiation.

  • Characteristics
    • Compound: polycarbonate, plastic
    • Size: universal
    • Color: white, black temples
    • Individual packing: plastic bag, 1 pc.
    • Package: 300 pcs. / box
    • Weight 1 piece: 25 g
    • Box size: 82х35х38 сm
    • Box weight (gross): 8 kg

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