IntegraWay Co., LTD is a manufacturer of products under the trademark TECRON. The main goal of the company is the development and production of high-quality personal protective equipment that protects employees of various industries and industries from harmful factors in production as effectively as possible. We also pay special attention to the comfort and ergonomics of using TECHRON products, since the convenience of PPE increases the efficiency of employees, and accordingly the production performance of all companies that use TECRON products. The production of TECRON products is located in mainland China, our employees constantly monitor the production process, as well as the process of developing new products.

The history of the TECRON brand begins in 2015, when the universal protective disposable jumpsuit TECRON Pro was developed. This model was developed based on the wishes and requirements of employees of the chemical and oil and gas industry. The main emphasis in this model was placed on maximum protection and comfort. A unique type of cuffs was developed especially for this model, which had no analogues on the market at that time. The jumpsuit has gained popularity in a few years and it began to be used in other industries: auto painting, painting, chemical treatment and disinfection, food industry and so on. In 2016, a simpler model of the TECRON Classic Light jumpsuit was released - a disposable jumpsuit for less dangerous industries. Today, TECRON is not only protective overalls, but also a number of other types of protective equipment. Every year our product range is updated with new models. The products of the TECRON trademark have CE and EAC certification, and meet the requirements of the relevant quality standards.


Certificate TECRON SGS
Certificate TECRON SGS

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