Disposable Protective Coverall TECRON Chemi Pro

Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro
Coverall Chemi Pro

Disposable Protective Coverall TECRON Chemi Pro

Model: TECRON Chemi Pro


TECRON Chemi Pro is a chemical protection suit made of material with multi-layer polymer film lamination technology. The TECRON Chemi Pro coverall has the required level of protection (3rd and 4th type of protection) against splashes of solutions of harmful chemicals and aerosols. Excellent for protection against crude oil, heavy ends products, light ends and petroleum oils, water.
This coverall will find application in the following areas: chemical and petrochemical industry, cleaning tanks and vessels for storing liquid chemicals, processing agro-industrial crops with chemicals, chemical industry waste disposal, chemical spills, work with sprays and jets under pressure.
The product has European certification and meets the requirements of all relevant quality standards.

  • Features and Benefits

    Strong and durable material (80 - 90 g/m²)

    The use of high-quality, multilayer laminated polypropylene with a density of 80-90 g/m2 in the production of TECRON Chemi Pro overalls guarantees the reliability and integrity of the product. Polypropylene inner layer absorbs sweat and provides comfort during use.

    Two-level castle

    The double lock protects against the penetration of harmful chemicals during the use of the coverall, and also reduces the risk of contact with harmful substances during the removal of the coverall.

    Reinforced areas on the knees

    A double layer of material in the knee area protects the jumpsuit from possible abrasion during active use of the product. Which in turn increases the reliability and protection of Chemi Pro.

    Double protective bar

    The fastener-lock of TECRON Chemi Pro overalls is protected by a double strap, which gives full guaranteed protection against dust, dirt, oils on the fastener and avoid premature damage, and also protects against the penetration of harmful substances through the lock.

    Three-piece hood

    The TECRON Chemi Pro coverall is equipped with a three-piece hood that sits comfortably on the head and protects the head well from paint and varnish and petrochemical materials.

    Sealing seams with thermo-soldered PVC tape

    All seams of overalls are glued with a special sealing tape. This allows to achieve a high level of protection against the penetration of liquids and aerosols in the area of ​​the seams. The TECRON Chemi Pro Coverall complies with Type 3 and Type 4 protection levels.

  • Areas of use
    • Working with aerosols and jets under pressure
    • Chemical and petrochemical industry
    • Working with various chemicals
    • Recycling work
    • Agricultural work
    • Emergency services
    • Cleaning tanks and containers for storing liquid chemicals
  • Compliance
    • The jumpsuit complies with the standards:
    • TYPE 5B EN ISO 13982-1:2004
    • TYPE 6B EN 13034:2005+A1:2009
    • TYPE 4B EN 14605
    • TYPE 3B EN 14605
    • EN 1073-2:2002
    • EN 14126:2003
    • EN 1149-5:2008
    • TECRON Chemi Pro
    • TR CU 019/2011
    • GOST 12.4.173-87
    • GOST R 12.4.288-2013
    • GOST 12.4.251-2013

    The coverall prevents the penetration of 100% solid compounds, water, oily and alkaline solutions.

  • Characteristics
    • Protection class: 3, 4
    • Protection level: Z, Mon, Pm, Vn, Nm, Shch50, K80
    • The composition of the main material: HDPE high density + polypropylene
    • Material Density: 90 g/m2
    • Color: yellow
    • Size range: S - XXXXL
    • Box: 30 pcs.
    • Weight of 1 unit: 330 - 430 g (depending on size)
    • Box size: 52x38x42 cm
    • Box Weight (Gross): 12.4 - 15.7 kg (depending on size)

    Size chart:

    Размерный ряд

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