TECRON™ 3319 leather gloves

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TECRON™ 3319 leather gloves

Model: TECRON™ 3319

Leather gloves made of soft TECRON™ 3319 genuine leather protect hands from mechanical impacts, punctures and cuts, as well as from sparks, splashes of molten metal, powders, dirt, chemical contaminants, metal and other chips, grease. They are used in the automotive industry, construction and repair, agriculture, forestry.
Provides great comfort for extended wear. Recommended for constant wear when working with a tool, for drivers, builders, workers.

  • Features and Benefits

    Durability and reliability

    The use of natural elastic and durable leather in the manufacture of TECRON™ 3319 gloves guarantees the reliability and integrity of the product.

    Flexible material

    High-quality and soft sheep leather sits comfortably on the hand and does not restrict the movement of the hand and fingers.

    High comfort

    Soft natural glove material provides high comfort and convenience during long wearing.

  • Areas of use
    • General industrial application
    • Woodworking and metalworking
    • Dry particle protection
    • Automotive industry
    • Construction and repair
    • Agriculture
    • Finishing work
    • timber industry
  • Characteristics
    • Compound: sheep leather
    • Dimensions: 10,11
    • Color: white
    • Packing: 60 pairs/box
    • Pair Weight: 120g
    • Box size: 33x58x28.5 сm.
    • Box weight (gross): 7.2 kg.

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